right click/"save target as.." on titles to get the tunes. all mp3s are 192kbps, and also on podcast at 96kpbs



Strictly Strictly by Judgedreadfull on Mixcloud


No, not the super-lame TV show......this time its the (*ahem*) SEMINAL New York deep house label, Strictly Rhythm 
That's right! more jazzy keys, skippy hi-hats and wobbly bass lines.
- uber-deep classics (Sound waves, Luv Dancin', Hardrive, Photon Inc.) 
- singalong club anthems (Simone, Aly-us, River Ocean, Photon Inc.) 
- straight up sound-system monsters (Lets groove, Master-blaster, Reel 2 Reel, Photon Inc.) 
- and , being Strictly, lots of Dj Pierre Wild-pitch wobblyness (Love trax, Masterblaster, Horn song, Photon inc) 
and its got Generate Power by...er... Photon Inc.

Slung together with Love, Traktor and a Launchpad.

SR12066 - Logic - Celebrate Life - Accapella 
SR12074 - U. P. I.  - The Groove 
SR12103 - Code 718 - Equinox (Heavenly Club Mix) 
SR12093 - Joint Venture - Masterblaster 
SR12049 - The Untouchables - Lil Louie's Anthem 
SR12051 - Photon Inc - Generate Power (Club Mix) 
SR12043 - Sound Waves - I Wanna Feel The Music
SR12034 - After Hours - Feel It (The Egotrip Mix) 
SR12088 - Alyus - Follow Me (Club Mix) 
SR12024 - Essence - Moments in house
SR12074 - U. P. I. - She's A Freak 
SRB  003 - Simone - Hey Fellas (club Vocal Mix) 
SR12333 - Lou 2 - Freaky 
SR12108 - Mecca - It's Time To Jam (The Reality Mix) 
SR12304 - Morel Part 7 - Get Up And Get Soulful 
SR12104 - Reel 2 Real - The New Anthem
SR12227 - M & M - So Deep, So Good 
SR12200 - Morel Part 4 - Let's Groove (+Jack + Jill) 
SREP  04 - River Ocean - Love & Happiness
                        (JBO Super Dub) 
SR12020 - Underground Solution - Luv Dancin'
SR12239 - Morel Part 5 - Don't Give Up 
SR12215 - Raw - Asuca (Tribal Mix) 
SREP  02 - Hardrive - Maurice's Vibe 
SR12539 - The Don  - The Horn Song 
SR12576 - Michael Moog - That sound 
SR12228 - Smooth Touch - Come & Take A Trip 
SR12078 - DJ Pierre - Love Trax (Wild Pitch)



Deep house is back! by Judgedreadfull on Mixcloud


So apparently, Deep house is "A Thing" again.
You cant move for Disclosure and Clean Bandit cluttering up the charts nowadays, can you?
And even that Morgan Geist / Metro Area got to #1 under the Size Queen moniker, in the PROPER charts!
Anyway, Here's 15 of my dubby/hypnotic/track-y favorites from 1993-2013.
No vocals till the last 3 tracks, so don't go expecting a singalong :)

Mixed live on Traktor/Launchpad - Apologies for the over-flange - just got Launchpad set up for Traktor and got carried away with all the flashing lights :)

01-16B-Secrets (Omid's Late Mix)
03-Romanthony-Falling From Grace - Murk Mix
04-Orchestra Galactica-The Andromeda Variations
05-Morgan Geist-Probs
06-Kerri Chandler-Atmosphere Ep - Track 1
07-Maceo Plex-Sex Apeal
08-Presence-Giving Love
09-Morgan Geist-Sleaze
10-Heller'n'Farley Project-B Boy Black
11-Dj Garth-20 Minutes Of Disco Glory
12-Hardrive-Deep Inside Remix - Heavy Weather Mix
13-Rasmus Faber-Get Over Here (Axwell Remix)
14-Antoine Clamaran-Keep On Tryin (Hott 22 Remix)
15-Hott 22-Just Friends



The DreadFull Sessions vol.6

"let me take you to the place.... !"

...where memberships a state of mind; all manner of random shiznit and no over-arching concept to explain it...

Bbc Radiophonic Workshop - John Baker - Festival Time
Lykke Li - I'm Good, I'm Gone
Cut Copy - Saturdays
808 State - Lift (12- Mix)
Rob Base - Get on the dancefloor
Michael Jackson - Shake Your Body Down To The Ground
Frankie Knukles - your love
MGMT - Kids
Rihanna - Umbrella (Divide & Kreate Remix)
Chaka khan - i feel for you
Afrika Bambaata - Just Get Up And Dance (Acapella)
Kissy Sell Out - Get Busy Tropicana
CMPB - Wild boyz wearing ma rolex (Dunproofin's remaster)
Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler
Golden Girls - Kinetic (Frank De Wulf Remix)
Taiko - Echo Drop
Beck - Sexx Laws (Acappella)
Talking Heads - Pull Up The Roots
Art Science Technology - Art Science Technology
Peaches - Rock show (acapella)
Stanton Warriors - Pop Ya Cork
Krafty Kuts - Flamenco Freddy
judgedreadfull - bassbin control
Bjork- Joga
ESG - Tiny Sticks
Friendly Fires - Paris
Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian
Q-tip - Breathe And Stop - Acapella
Dunproofin - Alphaboot
Leonard Cohen - Tower Of Song





Bassbin Control

"... there's no-one home to call ..."

Gossip - SITWOC
Bassbin Twins - EP2

More Bassbin action, this time with the 'pella thats 'yella . (ie ever so slightly overused)



Caroline IsRuff

"... killa killa killa beeeeeeeat!..."

Kate Nash - Caroline's a victim
Bassbin Twins - Ruffest

Lo-fi MySpace bedroom teen genius with scathing attack on indie-pop-wannbees meets some wobbly bass 'n' chopped up breaks from the Bassbin Twins.



The Dreadfull Sessions vol.5

"killa killa killa beat!"

...Old rave, new rave, borrowed rave, blue rave. Its all just tunes, innit? No realy master concept here, other than forgetting to finish it for about 6 months...

LL Cool J - JDF intro
Culture Style - Good Time
Product 01 - Heart Ov Glass (gameover mix)
Slo Moshun - Bells Of N.Y. (Hip Hop Usa)
Sly Ciccone - Anger
Madonna - Justify My Love
Tears For Fears - Shout (pella)
Renegade Soundwave - Deadly
Playtime Toons - The Shaker Song
Ciccone Youoth - Me And Jill
The Conet Project - Ready Ready 15728
Ski - Fifths (Jazzanova mix)
Marvin Gaye - Whats Going On (pella)
Bobby Konders - Nervous Acid
The Untouchables - Lil Louis Anthem
Acapella - Back To The Old Skool
Dinah Washington - Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby (Rae & Christian RMX)
Atic Monkeys - Fake Tales - Dunproofins Fake Remix
Rick James - SuperFreak pella
judgedreadfull - saturdayology
Rhythm Warfare - Two Notches (Battle Mix)
Rhythm On The Loose - Rhythmology (Remix)
Cherelle & Alexander Oneil - Saturday Love - Acapella
Cherelle & Alexander Oneil - Saturday love
Mason - Excedeer (Original Mix)
Spice Girls - Spice Up Your Life (Accapella)
Justice Vs Simian - We Are Your Friends
Crystal waters - Gypsy Woman (Acapella)
judgedreadfull - injected with furtado
Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous pella
Praga Khan - Injected With A Poison (Krafty Kuts Remix)
judgedreadfull - caroline is ruff
Kate Nash - Carolines A Victim
Bassbin Twins - Ruffest





"... for always and forever..."

Alexander O'neal & Cherelle - Saturday love
Rhythm On The Loose - Rhythmology (Remix)
Rhythm Warfare - Two Notches (Battle Mix)

Its the Old-Sound of New-Rave!




Special Girls

"...I know I'm rushing just a little bit too fast..."

Motley Crue - Girls Girls Girls
Sir James - Special (pella)

Classic house pella bolted on top of big-dumb-raaaaawwwwk-riffs...




Help Me Somebody

(My SqueltchyLid RMX)

Cheeky art-monkeys David Byrne and Brian Eno have reissued "Bush of Ghosts" with a remix site.

They've upped the 24 track original recordings and encouraged 'the kids' (i.e. you and me) to get busy with the harsh tasty beats.

I loved the original so much that I just chucked a load of FX at it.



Steely Leader

.."Let's quote a rhyme from a record I wrote!"...

Steely Dan - Peg
Rakim - Follow the leader

Old funkiness looped to infinity and Rakims classic rap slung on top. 



The Dreadfull Sessions vol.4

"I plan to live forever - or die trying!"

...another Mash-up of Mash-ups with a generous sprinkling of Blake's 7 sound effects to smooth over the cracks...

Morrissey - Pop music is over (South bank show)
E-jitz - Two Magdalene Fuckers
(De Lacy - Hideaway - Acapella)
(Smiths - How Soon Is Now)
DJ Bc - Einstein On The Beast
(Philip Glass - Einstein On The Beach)
(Beastie Boys - Acapella)
Schmoof - Chocolate Boyfriend - Acapella
Ed Home - A Little Funk Nonstop
(Turntablerocker - A Little Funk)
(Kraftwerk - Music Non Stop - RMX)
The Loose Cannons - Superstars
Brain Eno - Bottomliners
Gorillaz - Feel good Inc - acapella
Dunproofin's DJ Tools - Nasty Rhythm
Alexander O'neal - Criticize (beatapella)
Dunproofin - Casbahwonder
(The Clash - Rock the Casbah)
(Stevie Wonder - Uptight)
Jay-Z - 99 problems (acapella)
Shortwave Set - Is It Any Wonder
Roni Size - New Forms RMX
Cheekyboy - One Less Thing
(Kaiser Chiefs - Every day I love you less and less)
(Amerie - One Thing)
Pilchard - Clapstero
Blake's 7 theme
Dynamix II - Don't Touch That Dial (Theme & Acapella)
Pilchard - Dont roll me down
(ELO - Dont bring me down)
(Doug Lazy - Let It Roll - acapella)
C.h.a.o.s. Productions - M.i.a. In Funkytown
(MIA - bucky Dun Gun)
(Lipps Inc - funky town)
Royksopp - Circuit Breaker
Soulwax - NY Excuse (Nite Version)
Pay Tv - Trendy Discotech - acapella
Dunproofin - Hellastella
(No Doubt - Hella Good)
(Jam and Spoon - Stella)
Judgedreadfull - steely leader
(Rakim - Follow the leader - Acapella)
(Steely Dan - Peg)
(Martin Solveig - Everybody (Fake ID mix))
Cidinho & Doca - Rap Da Felicidade
Colourfield - Thinking Of You




Don'tCare About Gold

"Situation, aggravation, everybody allegation"

Michael Jackson - They don't care about us
Kings of convenience - Gold for the price of silver (Erot Mix)





Don't Drop The Washing Up

"...with your secretary, you'll have a heart attack..."

Tomas Andersson - Washing Up (Tiga remix)
Liza Minelli - Don't Drop Bombs

yep, it's as camp as it sounds.......



I'll House You At My House


".round and round and round and round and..."

LCD Soundsystem - Daft Punk is playing at my house 
Jungle Brothers - Ill house you

Its "the sound of NOW" rubbing up against "the sound of THEN"



Paula Brion Is Playing At My House


LCD Soundsystem - Daft Punk is playing at my house
Photon Inc - Generate Power

Its "the sound of NOW" rubbing up against "the sound of THEN"



Pacific Janis

"..prove that you love me, and buy the next round..."

Janis Joplin - Mercedes Benz
Peshay - Pacific

...coz its a long way from Essex to Alabama.....



The Dreadfull Sessions vol.3

yet another one hour mix !

..."Lefty" and "leftfield" like Robin Cook on the 1210's...

laurie anderson - difficult listening hour
six million dollar man - theme
daft punk - HBFS acapella
judgedreadfull - bored of lynda
(boards of canada - roygbiv)
(lynda carter- wonderwoman speech)
alex c - music has the right to know my name
(boards of canada - roygbiv)
(alicia keys - you dont know my name)
labbi siffre - i got the blues
big hard excellent fish - imperfect list 2
braces tower - valedictory
augustus pablo - king tubby meets rockers uptown
kylie - slow (acapella)
dj shadow - right thing
small fish with spine - he builds the world
chicks on speed - coventry
dj tiim - oooh weed!
(missy - pass that dutch)
(mark ronson - oooh weee)
lionel vinyl - slow eeee!
(Kylie - slow acapella)
(mark ronson - oooh weee)
mad cobra - press trigger (acapella)
the blow monkeys - la passionara
peshay - pacific
janis joplin - mercedez benz (acapella)
judgedreadfull - cop stole my damn fine coffee
(kelly roland - stole acapella)
(timbaland - cop that shit)
(angelo badalamenti -twin peaks theme)
the clash - straight to hell
judgedreadfull - chomskys day off
(noam chomsky/ferris bueller/peshay/boards of canada/neptunes)
team america:world police - 91,100
rx - dubya sings Imagine/Walk on the wild side
judgedreadfull - supermetalmoments
(laurie anderson - o superman)
(art of noise - moments in love)
(kraftwerk - metal on metal)



Nasty Jimi

"...don't like no nasty food..."

Janet Jackson - Nasty
Pharoahe Monch - Fuck You (Instrumental)

 As Victor Kiam said; I liked Rawwwk Boots so much I made my own one!



Cop Stole My Damn Fine Coffee

"..smart don't make you cool..."

Kelly Roland - Stole
Timbaland - Cop That Shit
Angelo Badalamenti -Twin Peaks Theme

Get your Mogad-on! 

Chopped up Timbaland beats with the non-Beyonce inna sound-clash with Agent Cooper! 



Super Metal Moments

"...here come the planes..." 

Laurie Anderson - O Superman
Art Of Noise - Moments in Love
Kraftwerk - Metal on Metal

 A pretentious music journalist writes; "Probably the three MOST SEMINAL electronic records ever made!"



Mylo's Message

"Broke my Sacroiliac"

Mylo - Sunworshipper
Melle Mel - The Message

Experiment in making angry acapella sound sad. Or 'putting rapper in long sewer tunnel' depending n how you look at it...



Getting Jiggy with Tina and Chris

"...you've got a Prada bag with a lot of stuff in it...."

Tom Tom Club - Wordy Rappinghood
Will Smith - Getting Jiggy with it

TTC get glitched whilst Will Smith gets mildly flanged (to disguise wack-rhymes like the above)



The Dreadfull Sessions vol.2

another one hour mix !

... more cunning tempo changes than a broken dansette  in a hurricane ...

judgedreadfull - jdf wordy
judgedreadfull - getting jiggy with tina and chris
(tom tom club - wordy rappinghood)
(will smith - gettin jiggy with it (acapella))
max sedgely - happy
hanzo steel - kill bill / missted nerve
unknown - bang bang boot
destiny's child - bug a boo (acapella)
tom tom club - genius of love
million dan - dogz and sledgez
missy elliot - pass that dutch inst.
first choice - let no man put asunder (acapella)
young mc - bust a move - Inst
judgedreadfull - enemy; ridgeley
(wham - bad boys)
(public enemy - bring the noise - acapella)
artwork - red
max tundra - mbgate
malcom mclaren - double dutch
mousse t - is it coz I'm cool? (shakedown rmx)
fatboy slim - star 69 (acapella)
martin solveig vs. salif keita - madan
prime mover vs. sean paul - get busy
run dmc - its tricky
john marr - toxic rhythm
hanzo steel - billions mc millions - ironside jump-off
masters at work - to be in love (carlito and addiction DnB mix)
air - alpha beta gaga
beck - everybody's gotta learn sometimes
brian eno - by this river



I Love Bloody Mash-Ups

"Tell me, who doesn't love...DRUMS!" 

Justin Timberlake "Like I love you"
The Cure "the Blood"
Renegade Soundwave "Mash Up"

(...see what I did there....!?!?)



TheDreadfull Sessions vol.1

one hour mix ! 

more daft mash-ups than a clown convention on the M25

jdf - jdf justify
har mar superstar -  h.a.r.m.a.r.
G.H.P. - rapture riders
gotan project - queremos paz
jimmi james  - swat tha shit
snoop dogg + pharell - beautiful
nuyorican soul -  nervous track
shapeshifters - lola's theme
freeland - we want your soul (acapella)
screen II - hey mr dj
reverand dan - it's getting bongo rock in here
layo and bushwacka - deep south
E.B.T.G - missing (acapella)
fab four - last night a dj saved my life
junior senior - move your feet (kost rmx)
kraftwerk - computer world 2
candi statton - you got the love (acapella)
renegade soundwave - mash up
timberlake - like I love you (acapella)
braces tower - general synopsis
air -cherry blossom girl



Daft Headmaster

"... but our work is never over ..."

The Smiths "The Headmaster Ritual"
Daft Punk "Harder Better Faster Stronger" 

...because Morrissey was secretly into 'le French filter disco' after all.....



Lava Kurt

"... jet set, mentally stable and better than any porn channel on cable ..."

Kurt - Vice Rap
B-52's - Lava (Party RMX)

"slightly-tongue-in-cheek" electroclash wannabe 'Kurt' has posted a challenge on his website to boot one his new tracks. 



Chomsky's Day Off

"... life moves pretty fast ..."

Boards of Canada,
Breakbeat Era
Ferris Buell er
Noam Chomsky and a vocoder.. 

AKA "Ooh look! I've got a vocoder! Quick! Bosh some Zeitgeisty political nonsense though it! That'll show 'em!"




The Lebanon Is A Place

" and where there used to be some shops "

The Human League "The Lebanon"
Belinda Carlisle "Heaven Is a Place on Earth"

Breaking the rules of booting,  by combining TWO ropey old 80's tracks and forgetting to add some 2004 hip hop. Not perfectly in tune, but you cant have every thing can you??



I'm Every Monday

"... I can cast a spell ..." 

Whitney "I'm every woman"
New Order "Blue Monday"

Apologies for the scratchy acapella ; it was 50p from a second hand record shop and Soulseek refused to come up with the goods.



Smells Like Teen Madge

"... here we are now, entertain us ..." 

Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
Madonna "Music"

Not terribly original in bootlegging terms, but that's hardly the point is it? 'Post-Soulwax' is the new 'Post-Modern'

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